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Withair® is a premium manufacturer in sustainable energy solutions supplying HVACR products & services for heating, cooling, hot water, indoor air quality, industrial refrigeration, heat recovery that reflect today's demand for sustainable construction, comfortable indoor climate, and industrial cooling & heating process application. We specialise in large scale and bespoke projects from data centres and hospitals to pharmaceutical facilities and process cooling..., We turn ideas into products.
Deliver performance that runs more efficiently in real-world conditions and that come standard with frst-class service and aupport.
Delivering the right Temperature, Humidity and Ventilaiton.
Cut energy costs through smart design, we have you covered, like no other.
Deliver customized comfort, efficiency, reliability and high quality.
Healthy, performance, comfort and efficiency for any building, any size.
Delivering good indoor air quality.
Create healthy, comfortable environments, ultimate flexibility for complete solutions.

Discover Climate Solutions for Your Business

The Withair system always means quality and reliability. Withair's products and systems offer a variety of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions for your HVACR needs. Withair® is a people-focused approach to problem solving that delivers knowledge-based solutions customized to your needs. you steer our expertise; our expertise drives your results.

Introducing Airaday®, Improving Indoor Air Quality

Airaday® from Withair® is a holistic approach to building wellness. Custom Airaday® air systems provide improved indoor air quality and feature efficient, system-matched components partnered with industry-leading acoustic solutions. It's a multi-disciplinary of experts using world-class technologies and services to improve the viability of your building.

Creative Airaday® Air Systems

Create Healthy, Comfortable Environments Airaday® commercial HVAC air systems deliver high-performance efficiency without sacrificing noise levels or occupant comfort

The Group Industries

Withair® is a premium manufacturer in sustainable energy solutions supplying HVACR products & services for heating, cooling, hot water, indoor air quality, industrial refrigeration, heat recovery that reflect today's demand for sustainable construction, comfortable indoor climate, and industrial cooling & heating process application.


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Bespoke Projects
DC Inverter Make Up Air Units shipping to Canada
Withair® Package Rooftop Make-Up Air systems offer a flexible way to provide treated air for one- to eight-story buildings. Many options and configurations are available to satisfy a wide number of applications. Fresh outside air is mixed with return air from the occupied space and then filtered, conditioned, and supplied back into the building. Conditioning involves cooling, dehumidifying, or heating the air for optimal space comfort. Rooftop units can serve a single zone, or an entire building filled with many zones. Some units can be designed specifically for make-up air, where only outside air is treated and sent to the space. Inverter compressors, beltless ECM fans, and energy recovery solutions make rooftop systems an easy-to-maintain, energy-efficient choice for conditioning any space. Heat produced by natural gas, electricity, hot water, steam, and heat pumps provides reliable heating for spaces with colder seasons and climates.

Traditional gas fired make up air units typically don't modulate very well and result in large temperature swings of the supply air. They also contribute to global warming by burning fossil fuels and often do not have cooling capacity. The variable output of DC inverter compressor control results in softer starts, load matching resulting in more comfortable supply air, higher operating efficiency and quiet operation. Our equipment is designed for and tested in various climate. Offerings from 500 - 7,000 cfm.
 Almost invisible, powerful, noiseless and space-saving: this is the Withair® All-In-One Air Conditioner without an external unit. No more of the usual bulky, unsightly condensing units that spoil homes. Withair® has developed a high-efficiency solution with a hyper-compact design that minimises aesthetic impact. Just 16 centimetres deep, super simple installation and DC Inverter technology to optimise performance.

Optimised power, reduced consumption and noise. With DC Inverter technology, the powers are optimised for maximum comfort with less consumption and noise, and thanks to Dual Power you can use maximum power to reach the required temperature in the shortest possible time. Once reached, the unit automatically adjusts itself in function of comfort. The external grilles are foldable: they open when the machine is running and close when it is switched off, so as to minimise dust, noise and pollution, maximising comfort.

High on the wall or down on the floor? Withair® can count on a complete product range that allows you to find the right model for every type of installation. All you need is an external wall and you can find the space to insert it high up on the wall, low down on the floor, in the corner or to the side of a French door. Maximum versatility to meet every need.
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System Introduction: In addition to the reliable protection of the air conditioning, the system eliminates the need for a cooling water system and has a small initial investment; it is dual-purpose for cooling and heating, without the need for additional heating systems; it can be equipped with different air handling equipment, such as fan disks, according to the needs of different functions Tubes, variable air volume units, fresh air units, combined air handlers; the modular configuration of the main engine can realize non-stop maintenance; intelligent control realizes quasi-linear energy adjustment with load changes, so that the system always maintains the highest operating efficiency. The annual operating costs are low. The system does not require a dedicated computer room, so it can release the effective space of the building and realize its economic value.
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Making the Most of Air-Cooled Chiller Efficiency
In most installations, the chiller is the single largest energy-consuming component of an entire facility. For that reason, decreasing a chiller’s efficiency even slightly can result in a significant impact on energy costs, not to mention long-term maintenance and reliability. In air-cooled chillers, one of the largest contributors to efficiency – or the lack thereof – is proper airflow.

We have established guidelines for the placement of Withair® air-cooled chillers when next to each other or next to walls, while still allowing adequate airflow to the units. When chillers are used in situations that result in restricted airflow due to close spacing, multiple chiller units or other obstructions, increased power consumption and loss of capacity may occur.

Recommended Clearances
While exact clearances can vary by model, for our example, we will use the factory-recommended minimum clearances for a Withair® air-cooled chiller. These include side to wall: 1.8m, rear to wall: 1.8m, control panel end to wall: 1.2m, top: no obstructions and finally, the distance between adjacent units: 3m.

The Withair® Advantages

We have the experience and expertise to test and assess the performance and durability of products. Whether it’s training, 

parts, installation or service, taking control of your facilities – and the equipment that keeps it running – has never been easier.







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