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                           Equipment Overhaul
                                                      Sound Planning for Maximum HVAC Equipment Life
Equipment Overhaul
With rich HVAC experience, Withair® understands what it takes to keep your equipment running. All HVAC components need more than just regular servicing to keep them in optimum condition and maximize their useful lives. No matter how well maintained, periodically, all equipment needs a comprehensive inspection and overhaul.
Your Proactive Approach to Equipment Longevity
Most building owners and managers have experienced the dire consequences of equipment failure. Given the importance of an HVAC system to your building’s operation, wouldn’t it be a relief to be less concerned about equipment breakdown? The Withair service team understands what it takes to keep your equipment running efficiently and reliably. No matter how well your HVAC components are maintained, all equipment will need a comprehensive inspection and overhaul to maximize performance.

Plan Now for a Worry-Free Future
For old or new HVAC equipment, Withair’s equipment overhaul service is a valuable addition to your building management strategy. You can be confident that Withair® will help you take proactive steps to ensure the longest possible life for your equipment and minimize unplanned downtime.

Equipment Overhaul Service Benefits
• Prolong Equipment Life
• Avoid Unexpected Failures
• Reduce Maintenance Costs
• Discover Hidden Problems
• Ensure Optimum Operation
• Gain Peace of Mind

New Equipment: Get a Jump on the Future
If you’ve just purchased a major HVAC asset, ensure you get the most from your investment. Withair® service representative can help you determine strategic maintenance milestones for a trouble-free equipment life.
By building key overhauls into your schedule, your equipment will operate efficiently, and you’ll be able to plan well-timed shutdowns.

Middle-aged Equipment: Start Now to Extend Equipment Life
It’s not uncommon for owners of newly purchased buildings to be unsure of the age or maintenance history of HVAC systems. As part of our program, Withair® will help you evaluate your equipment’s condition and service priorities. We’ll help you map out a schedule that fits your requirements and your budget while reducing your risk of untimely equipment failure and unexpected expenses.

Older Equipment: Never Too Late to Plan
If your equipment is aging, you may be expending valuable financial resources reacting to emergencies. Don’t assume that your equipment is too old to benefit from the equipment overhaul service. Investing in a solid reconditioning plan will save on repair expenses, gain peace of mind and may add years to the useful life of your equipment.
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