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    Innovation at Withair® is underpinned by our unique simulation design philosophy, driving new standards in the cooling, heating and IAQ sector
Innovation Hub
Withair® has been driven by the challenge to reshape the perception of air and climate control. We create premium solutions for residential and commercial spaces, and for those that work with them in a professional capacity.

We improve existing technologies and innovate within the gaps that emerge as lifestyles and businesses evolve. Our unique simulation design philosophy allows us to discover new opportunities, developing products that provide simplicity, comfort and efficiency.

To achieve this, we use a set of design values developed through our experience and customer interactions: crafting products that integrate into a space but remaining distinct, offering a lineup of compact units that are efficient, and looking to make the complex simple, all to make the creation of comfortable environments effortless.

Our time is channeled into developing ideas big and small, from advances that help reduce harmful pollutants found in the air we breathe, to crafting aesthetically pleasing products that don't compromise on performance or comfort. Our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment extends to you, designing products that are energy efficient and help lower running costs.
Breathing clean and healthy air is a fundamental need for all people, although nowadays this does not come as naturally as we would like. Our engineering excellence brings air conditioning solutions which are truly designed for people’s needs, helping to heat, cool, clean or simply refresh the air that fills our lives.

Withair® unique simulation helps us to translate our brand promise of Living Harmony into our products and the spaces that they are used in.

In the Innovation Hub, we will learn about our next-generation products and their stories.
If you are interested in our Design and Innovation, please follow up with the latest news and the upcoming products on our website.
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