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Withair® Industrial Process Cooling Systems
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       Withair® process cooling & heating systems are engineered to accommodate demanding environments for a variety of industrial applications.
Withair's Industrial & Manufacturing Solutions
In industry, besides ambient heating and cooling, it also includes process heating — from low temperature applications (e.g. in the food industry) to high temperature applications (e.g. in the cement, iron and steel industries). Heating and cooling for residential, commercial and industrial purposes accounts for a large share of total final energy demand. For example, in the EU, heating and cooling in buildings and industry accounts for half of energy consumption. Currently, demand for heating in buildings and industry outweighs demand for cooling. However, the latter is gradually catching up, especially due to increasing demand for air conditioning or refrigeration of food and medical supplies.

There are many different facilities that require heating and cooling in their processes. At Withair® we can design, install and maintain process heating and cooling systems using the most energy-efficient equipment and processes available. Improved maintenance and management, such as using sensors and controls, can also help optimise performance. These measures reduce energy costs while increasing resilience to energy supply failure and providing improved workplace comfort.

In modern manufacturing facilities, precise control of ambient conditions can be critical. But chances are, you also have bigger aspirations in mind. Today, companies are striving to reduce their carbon footprint and manufacture a brighter future for all.

At Withair®, we not only bring you the most advanced process cooling and ambient conditioning technologies, we can revolutionize your energy consumption to help cut carbon emissions. Whether you’re in general manufacturing, food & beverage, pharmaceutical or any other niche, we have the proven expertise to help you meet every one of your goals.
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