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Withairs Health Care Solutions
      Make Your Buildings a Point of Strength & More Resilient
            Comprehensive energy strategy supports business goals & Addressing building systems holistically can improve many of your outcomes.
Withair's Health Care Solutions
As you prepare to reopen your buildings, we recognize you have a lot of questions. Indoor air quality suddenly matters more than ever. Energy efficiency and sustainability have always mattered. But improving and enhancing building performance requires experience and hands-on expertise. We turn insights and data into an action plan you can move on immediately. So you can plan to reopen your building with confidence— and make it more resilient for tomorrow.
We know you have decisions to make when it comes to air and surface cleaning for your building. To assist with these decisions, we have brought together an independent panel of government officials and medical professionals to share their experience with leading edge indoor air and surface cleaning technologie.
Your facilities could be untapped assets in your effort to deliver high-quality, affordable health care. Buildings affect cost of care, resiliency, sustainability, public perceptions and—most importantly—patient outcomes. Operating efficient and effective facilities is especially challenging amid today’s changing regulations and advancing technology. The issues are complex and intertwined, and many of the solutions fall within the broad scope of Withair’s holistic approach to better buildings.
Providing affordable care and maintaining resilient operations in the new environment will demand cost analysis in every corner, including energy. This is where Withair's excels. We start by assessing energy from both sides—supply and demand. Working with all stakeholders helps us to align your building’s performance to medical, environmental and fiscal requirements. We’ll use data from your building to analyze consumption and demand, so we can pinpoint ways to improve energy efficiency to reduce cost without compromising patient care or comfort. By expertly navigating purchasing strategies and comparing provider pricing, we can reduce how much you pay for energy in deregulated markets, too. 
Withair® takes a holistic approach to making health care buildings more energy economical, sustainable and compliant. We offer a wide range of equipment and service solutions. Ensure mission-critical temperature control to reduce risk while improving building performance and lowering operational costs.
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