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        Innovative Cooling Equipments for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
                                 Withair® chillers help pharmaceutical companies maintain efficacy and quality in the medicines they manufacture.
Withair's Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions
Temperature and humidity control is a main aspect when it comes to industrial applications in the pharmaceutical sector.

The environment in which pharmaceutical products are manufactured determines the quality of the products, whether they are medicines, supplements or cosmetics. All of these products are meant to keep people healthy or cure them from possible diseases, and that tells us how important it is that those products are of the highest quality.

Perfect temperature and humidity control are necessary for the following reasons. One – manufacturing processes for drugs usually require different levels of temperature for chemical processes and to allow ingredients to properly blend. Certain drugs, then, might require cold storage to maintain their properties. That is the case of vaccines, for instance, which need to be stored at low temperatures to preserve their effectiveness. And they usually need to be stored at very precise temperatures.

All this tells us how important storage is in this kind of application. So much that companies in this sector must comply with regulatory bodies’ guideline. One of them is the World Health organization’s guideline for the storage of pharmaceutical products, which, states pharmaceuticals need to be stored in ventilated and dry environments with temperatures in the range of 15 to 25 C°.

But temperature and humidity control are also important to avoid contaminations. As we know, pathogens thrive in warm and humid conditions. Humidity, for instance might also increase the level of moisture in drugs, which might lead to a deterioration of the drug itself.

All this is indication of the importance chiller technology can have in this kind of application, as it contributes to the quality of the overall manufacturing process. ensuring that temperature and humidity in the manufacturing facilities are constantly controlled, and that products are always of the highest quality.

Cooling systems are fully customizable to meet exact temperature requirements and offer options to improve energy savings. The chillers are designed so that minimal maintenance is necessary.

Pharmaceutical chillers are important parts of the drug-manufacturing industry. Nearly all medicines require chilled water in their manufacturing, from antibiotics to complex cardiology medications. Withair® chillers provide precise control over the water-chilling process, and pharmaceutical chilling plants have 15 to 1000 tons in terms of cooling power.

Withair® pharmaceutical chillers come as central process chillers and compact process chillers. Central process chillers can handle 10 to 200 tons, and compact process chillers work well for 1 to 40 tons. Compact process chillers are smaller, which makes them ideal for small spaces. All pharmaceutical chillers feature components that include evaporators, pumps, refrigerant relief valves, cooling towers and pipes, condensers, compressors, filters, fans, and tanks. They come with either an air or water condenser.
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