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                           About Us
                                                  Driving new standards in the cooling, heating and IAQ sector
Withair® is a premium manufacturer in sustainable energy solutions supplying HVACR products & services for heating, cooling, hot water, indoor air quality, industrial refrigeration, heat recovery that reflect today's demand for sustainable construction, comfortable indoor climate, and industrial cooling & heating process application. We specialise in large scale and bespoke projects from data centres and hospitals to pharmaceutical facilities and process cooling... , We turn ideas into products.

We specifically design heating and cooling solutions fit for any application and provide several flexible and bespoke systems to meet our customers’ diverse heating and cooling requirements. We offer high-capacity bespoke products, adapted according to temperature, load and any other technical requirements to provide a completely tailor-made solution.

We offers high-efficiency systems for cooling and heating air and water in residential, commercial and industrial applications. As a reputable company with vast expertise and experience, we are fully equipped to meet all your HVACR needs.

As buildings continue to evolve in size and function, their cooling & heating systems must meet increasingly rigorous demands in an efficient and sustainable way. But often, what works for one project may not work for another, even with similar specifications. Location, utility rates and architectural features all introduce challenging variables that must be accounted for.

That’s why Withair® has developed a robust portfolio of HVACR with intentional overlap in capacity, efficiency and sound performance. Our large selection gives customers the ability to make targeted equipment customizations with the opportunity to reduce energy intensity and lessen environmental impact. The result is numerous system designs and product configurations with a variety of possible efficiency levels. So, whether our customers are calculating energy efficiency to meet local code requirements, selecting an HVAC system with the lowest operating costs, there’s a Withair® solution for you.

No matter which one you choose, you can rest easy knowing that every Withair® product is backed by the proven reliability and performance. It’s how we help customers make the easy decision to choose Withair® — and how we continue to go beyond.
Innovation means continuous improvement, We believe that there is always room for improvement. And this belief is the driving force behind everything that we do at Withair®. From small improvements in the production process, to major breakthroughs that result in 70% energy savings, we aim to inspire technological change. With our own Product Development Centre, and focus on energy-efficient products, we are creating climate solutions for all countries.

 Established in 2006. Withair® has a Product Development & Engineering Design Center, as well as two Manufacturing Plants.

 Our mission is to make the building come alive. 

 As a market and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial production, our innovations affect virtually every industry. 

 Our software solutions pave the way for smart factories and high-tech processes in industrial electronics.
The factories

Built in 2006, and expanded over the years to provide production of the entire Applied product portfolio for North Amercia, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia, South America and Oceania. Today it has two factories, manufacturing different kinds of products. The factories has been mapped to show where air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, heat pumps and airside products are assembled. Find more information in "Factory Show".

Testing facilities

The factories provides testing facilities that comply with the with National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center certification standards. The new climatic chamber is National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center approved, and has been independently verified and accredited to test to EN 14511:2013, ISO 9614:2009 and other major recognised European and American HVACR industry standards.
We provide HVAC products and services with solutions to help them better serve their customers. It is our aim to provide a seamless experience —enabling you – our customers to be more effective, profitable and knowledgeable. We are equipped to help you answer the tough questions about your projects, and we look forward to helping you find the right solution!
BUILDING CONFIDENCE - Improve your facility’s functionality with the latest advancements to your existing systems.

BUILDING CONVENIENCE - Make the most of your existing systems with a responsive and reliable partner.

BUILDING EXCELLENCE - Capitalize on the latest technology and engineering to yield best-in-class results for your facility.


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