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                                      It’s time for fresher, healthier, and more comfortable indoor spaces. So everyone can breathe easy.
Airaday® Air System Improve Air Quality
When planning new buildings many things must be considered. In addition to structural factors, there are also the issues of heating, cooling and something often neglected: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). It is important for the health of all of us. With the advanced technology of Withair’s ventilation solutions, and expertise in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), we’re here to serve you in these unprecedented times. Withair® has an unbeatable combination of ventilation and filtration knowledge to help you enhance strategies and solutions for your building’s HVAC systems. Engage our team of advisors to evaluate your specific needs, and work through unexpected mechanical challenges as you prepare to improve your building’s air quality in the post-COVID-19 environment.
Withair® offers a wide range of indoor air quality products and solutions as part of our 4-pillar approach to dilute, exhaust, contain and clean the air in your space, Explore Withair’s indoor air quality portfolio below:
Airaday®system - We have a new and innovative technology that takes humidity and oxygen from the air and converts it into dry hydrogen peroxide to reduce the presence of unwanted microbes from the air and surfaces in your building. We uses a unique 3-step process, through Airaday®system, to confirm how to optimize performance and identify the key metrics and targets to help manage goals.
Filter Solutions - Withair® offers a broad portfolio of High-Efficiency filters including MERV 13 filters designed to capture many of the larger biological contaminants and particles in the air, such as mold spores and pollen. But not all HVAC units are big enough to install MERV filters, in which case you may require a combination of technologies to achieve your IAQ goals.
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation - HVAC filters deter large organic compounds like mold spores and pollen. More and more buildings are turning to a purification technology to mitigate smaller microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and more. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, uses short wavelength ultraviolet light to sterilize the microscopic contaminants that filtration systems miss. Designed to operate in both unoccupied spaces and in-duct environments, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation is a versatile extra layer of protection against airborne health risks in your building.
Catalytic Air Cleaning System - The Catalytic Air Cleaning System is a powerful three-in-one application that eliminates organic contaminants from the outside air before they enter your building. When external airflow finds the Catalytic Air Cleaning System, it passes through an innovative blend of filtration, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation and photocatalytic oxidation barriers designed to capture large contaminants like mold spores and pollen, then neutralize and decompose smaller microorganisms such as viruses, VOC’s and odors. The end result is clean, sterile air by the time it reaches your space.
Indoor Air Quality Management Made Easy
More than just a breath of fresh air, Airaday® System Indoor Air Quality as a Service offering combines Withair® technology and science-backed expertise to help customers meet health and safety compliance while improving employee retention, productivity, performance and safety. 
Through whole building climate control solutions, the four pillars of increasing productivity:
Clean Air Delivery
* Pay for outcomes not assets
* Jointly developed customer success
   outcomes where we shares the risk
* Benchmarking current state
   enables us to tailor optimal
   approach for clean air and highest
   efficiency and energy and cost
One Source Turnkey Delivery
* Peace of mind as entire process
   being managed for you
* One customer success manager as
   single point of contact
* Consistent, scalable trusted advisor
  partnership for your entire portfolio
Science-backed Approach
* Work with the global proven
   thought leader in clean air to drive
   your outcomes efficiently
* Partner with us to leverage
   scientifically proven outcomes of
   clean air quality: higher retention,
   productivity and performance
* Leverage our research that will set
   the standard to defining what
   tomorrow’s clean, productive and
   healthy workspace looks like
Flexible Risk Sharing Models
* Predictable monthly costs that hit
   your operational budget not your
   capital budget
* KPI backed up by client driven
   performance guarantee, 
   buy outcomes not assets
* Creates a financing vehicle to
   support upfront capital
   requirements and long-term life
   cycle funding necessary to
   modernize and refresh clean air
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