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Withair® Heating and Cooling Solutions for Greenhouses
                    Replicate nature at her best
                                        Adapting proven approaches to Horticulture and Industrial Agriculture can support healthy growth.
Withair's Heating and Cooling Solutions for Greenhouses
Producing a differentiated crop while maximizing yield requires consistent and reliable growing conditions. Mother nature doesn’t always provide it, but you can. Controlling temperature, humidity, lighting, CO2 and airborne pathogens is complicated, yet Withair® gives you the authority to manage it all. We can engineer a proprietary environment that supports the genetic potential of your crop—and replicate it quickly as you grow into additional spaces.
Permanent glass house structures are often ideal to take advantage of the benefits of a heat pump heating system. The heat also enables clients the option to grow a wider variety of plants more profitably. In addition to this the "dry heat" that is produced through the ground and through the fan coil heaters can help reduce disease developing on the plants. The possibilities for ground and air source heat pumps in the agricultural industry is enormous. There are so many sectors within agriculture where this can benefit the customer, both financially and productively.
A technology-based approach to growing crops indoors
Indoor agriculture is a technology-based approach to growing crops indoors. This allows growers to specify and control the ideal environment to achieve the optimal harvest. Growers can do this by controlling temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, lighting, irrigation, and fertilization. To maintain space temperature and humidity, systems will very likely need to be equipped with both temperature control and humidity control.
Innovate with less risk
HVAC equipment, controls, energy services and engineering expertise: Withair® has a full set of tools to help you succeed. Our holistic approach to HVAC system design innovation has been proven many times in the world’s many buildings, from data centers to hospitals, and we can apply that expertise to your facility, we’re ready to support rapid growth at your facility—and the worldwide indoor agriculture industry.
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