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Withair's Higher Education Solutions
Withair’s expertise with rich experience creating ideal learning environments that foster engagement and concentration. In the classrooms, labs, and dormitories, that means quality air that’s delivered quietly, and at the right temperature and humidity. Students demand a solid education in a comfortable atmosphere. Yet, they also want their college or university to be environmentally conscious and responsible.

Across equipment product lines, Withair® is creating new technologies that result in lower energy consumption and reduced costs year-round. The unit performance is optimized with Withair’s unique technology, which adjusts the compression ratio to meet the demands of the building. Inverter compressors in Withair rooftop units deliver the required energy to satisfy space conditions, providing precise temperature control and accelerated equipment payback. Offering a full range of services to help support asset management and energy initiatives, you can depend on Withair's HVAC systems to help you attract and retain students and staff with a positive learning atmosphere...and one that’s delivered efficiently and responsibly.
As a higher learning institution leader, you face many challenges today, including maintaining a healthy indoor environment for all of your buildings. It's important to understand the current guidelines and recommendations and how your buildings perform. Identifying your campus wellness goals will help you unlock the hidden potential of your facilities and reduce operational costs, all while improving sustainability and emergency resiliency. The building experts at Withair® can help ensure your funds are used to develop a holistic investment strategy for resilient, sustainable campus buildings.
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In this new era of heightened concerns around the health and safety of indoor spaces, Withair® is your trusted partner and resource in making holistic, lasting improvements to your campus. There are several ways that Withair’s experts and solutions can bolster your efforts to maintain, modernize and optimize your facilities for in-person learning. Improving the four elements of indoor building health can provide a better learning experience for students and faculty on your campus.
Air Quality
Address airborne health risks with a 4-step process: dilute, exhaust, contain and clean.
Thermal Comfort
Create a stimulating learning environment that is also energy efficient and sustainable.
Foster positive, productive learning spaces that work with the body's circadian rhythm.
Enhance concentration and focus by reducing noise and improving sound privacy.
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