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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions
​With the right system (air conditioning, ventilation, air purification equipment) air pollutants such as pollen, spores, cement dust, bacteria, viruses or germs can be filtered out of the air.​ ​The smaller these particles, the more dangerous they are for our health, therefore particulate matter are categorized based on their size.​ Indoor Environment Quality Components as belows:

Ventilation: Ensures the provision of fresh and clean air

Energy Recovery: Delivers energy savings by transferring heat and moisture between airflows thus helping to bring supply air to the required indoor conditions for temperature and humidity

Air Processing: Delivers the required conditioned air to optimize the energy efficiency of indoor HVAC equipment

Humidification: Ensures the desired moisture level in the conditioned space

Filtration: Ensures clean and healthy air by filtering out pollen, dust, odors and other contaminants that are harmful to our health
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