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                           OEM and Special Design Services
                                                      Our HVACR equipments are Depended on and Trusted by Leading OEMs & ODMs.
OEM and Special Design Services
Resolve the complexity with a single supplier. Withair® offers a turnkey OEM/ODM solution. Get heat pump, chiller/condensing unit, air system,controls and service—completely from Withair®.
Withair® develops products that are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of our OEM partners. We offer customized concepts, products and system solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration, district heating and alternative forms of energy. Withair® offers a wide range of field devices that ensure the highest quality and best use of our products.

Withair’s extensive and continually expanding line of products has earned the Company a well-deserved reputation for excellence and innovation. Withair® is ISO9001 certified, and strictly adheres to these quality standards - as well as to its own rigorous project management procedures. Designed with the serviceman in mind, Withair’s products and solutions offer a level of quality, durability, ease-of-installation, and environmental safety unsurpassed in today’s market.

When the Company’s existing shelf products do not precisely meet a customer’s needs, we designs, manufactures, and delivers tailored solutions in rapid response to individual requirements - on time and within budget. And, when customized solutions are not enough, Withair® utilizes the abundant resourcefulness and ingenuity of its engineering team to create elegant on-site solutions … for every environment, climate, and location.

At Withair®, we customize your special needs with custom solutions, matching the different installations requests and different working conditions.
We have extensive experience providing OEM products and services for world-class HVAC brands, Contact Us for More Information.
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