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Withairs Residential and Lodging Solutions
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                                          From residences and condos to fitness areas and large banquet halls, our systems 
                                          provide cost-effective comfort in applications with unique requirements.
Withair's Residential and Lodging Solutions
What is the best heating/cooling system for a Residential and lodging, Condos Apartments & High Rises? Each building is unique, there are guidelines, but each building should be assessed on its own merit and finding the right system can reduce ongoing running costs by between 20-49%.
Building is 6 floors or greater – generally a centralized system in a basement or rooftop (RTU) location is recommended.
Building is less than 6 floors-
If the building already has central air or heating duct work – then a centralized unit either on the roof (RTU) or basement (AHU) is generally preferred. If the building has radiant heating then a non-window air conditioning system can be added, which can supply supplemental heat in the winter as well if needed.
If the building does not have duct work – often individual units are both more financially viable and preferred by the occupants, to have full control over their own heating & cooling options.
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