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Industrial Process Cooling & Heating
Securing a reliable, economic and sustainable energy supply as well as environmental and climate protection are important global challenges of the 21st century. Renewable energy and improving energy efficiency are the most important steps to achieve these goals of energy policy.
While impressive efficiency gains have already been achieved in the past two decades, energy use and CO2 emissions in manufacturing industries could be reduced further, if best available technologies were to be applied worldwide.

Heat pumps have become increasingly important in the world as a technology to im-prove energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. In particular industrial heat pumps (IHPs) offer various opportunities to all types of manufacturing processes and operations. IHPs are using waste process heat as the heat source, deliver heat at higher tem-perature for use in industrial processes, heating or preheating, or for space heating and cooling in industry. They can significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption and green-house gas emissions in drying, washing, evaporation and distillation processes in a varie-ty of applications. Industries that can benefit from this technology include food and bev-erage processing, forest products, textiles, and chemicals.

The introduction of heat pumps with operating temperature below 100 °C is in many cases considered to be easy, however, higher temperature application still require addi-tional R&D activities for the development of high temperature heat pumps, integration of heat pumps into industrial processes and development of high temperature, envi-ronmentally sound refrigerants.
In this context, the IEA HPP-IETS Annex 35/13 “Application of industrial Heat Pumps”, a joint venture of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Implementing Agreements “Indus-trial Energy-Related Technologies and Systems” (IETS) and “Heat Pump Programme” (HPP) has been initiated in order to actively contribute to the reduction of energy con-sumption and emissions of greenhouse gases by the increased implementation of heat pumps in industry.
Food processors, brewers, petfood producers and other industrial energy users are exploring whether it is feasible to use renewable energy with heat pump technology to produce industrial grade heat. Process heating accounts for the largest share of onsite energy use in manufacturing, with lower temperature operations like food production particularly well-suited to transition to renewables.

The growth in popularity is evident in a recent study published by Global Market Insights that predicts the European industrial heat pump market will surpass USD 300 Million by 2027. European countries are showing what is possible with strong adoption of heat pumps for industrial and residential applications, the technology has taken market share from traditional gas boilers. Heat pumps have a wide range of applications and are proving to be the best technology to improve energy productivity and decarbonise heating below 100 degrees celsius. Almost all food and beverage processing has a demand for sub 100 degree heat, especially for cleaning and sterilising but also for many drying applications.

“Coefficient of performance” for industrial heat pumps is the key to their effectiveness. For every kW of electrical energy input, you can move up to 6kWs of thermal energy. A steam system usually operates at an efficiency of less than 60% so a heat pump can be a 10 fold improvement in the way energy is being used. So, If you combine this performance with the reducing price of electricity and a decarbonising grid, you get a compelling business and environmental case for heat pumps.
Typical Industrial Applications of Industrial Manufacturing Process Heating & Cooling Equipment Include:

● Die Casting
● Food & Beverage
● Pharmaceutical
● Rubber Processing
● Chemical Processing
● Printing / Converting
● Paper, Film & Foil
● ● ●

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