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                                      Helps customers succeed by providing innovative solutions that optimize indoor environments
Air Conditioning and Environment
Withair's wide range of air conditioning solutions offer new ways to improve productivity and enjoyment of work and leisure spaces.

Whatever your business, comfort is one of the keys to success, and you can rely on our years of experience to give you the best. Our commercial range helps you create a welcoming environment in which occupants are comfortable and at ease, and provides the optimal indoor temperature regardless of the outdoor climate without increasing running costs.

Each business requires a system tailored to its needs. That’s why our solutions are flexible, from the selection of indoor type and outdoor unit capacity right through to installation possibilities to suit your building and business best. The easy-to-use controllers of our air conditioning systems let you operate and manage your climate to benefit both customers and colleagues, as well as energy usage.

The lack of space that many businesses encounter today means that climate control options are often limited. We've solved that issue with a range of compact indoor & outdoor units that are reliable and offer design flexibility that means they are easily integrated into all types of spaces and architecture.

From residential, retail, restaurants, hotels, commercial offices and more, our air conditioning range is built to deliver adaptable solutions that offer the highest standard of Withair® Cooling & Heating performance.

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